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I specialize in marriage ceremonies for couples that want to take the awkward out of being centre of attention, and make it fun. I will find that balance so that you both get to enjoy the day equally. 

I am a confident, positive, down to earth Polynesian woman who can engage with couples that are looking to have a fun, fabulous, unforgettable wedding. I have a great sense of humour and am generally good at reading guests body language. I want to give you the day where people will remember it for the laughter, smiling ear to ear and fully engage in ‘your’ love on the day. 

I would love to be a part of your special day and help you celebrate it your way!

Let me enhance the special moments of your wedding ceremony. From getting guests ready for you to walk down the aisle, to the reading of your vows, all the way to the "I Do's" I work with you to ensure you get to celebrate your wedding day, your way.



I have the confidence to keep your guests entertained pre and post ceremony. I know that this is just as important as the ceremony. It will allow your friends and family to continue the laughter throughout the evening to help make your day, a day to remember.

Something that you want just nice and intimate between you and your significant other half, with a couple of witnesses, then this can be done in your home or a place of your choice. Please, give me a call to find out how we can make this happen.



SURPRISE!!! I always love an ‘Engagement’ (or other) party-turned-wedding. The guests are always pleasantly surprised, don't see it coming, and now have even more reason to celebrate!! I would love to be involved in your surprise wedding, please contact me to find out how we can make this a reality!

Vow Renewal

Is this something you have been wanting for a while but it’s only been ‘lip-service’?

Well, ask me ‘how is it done?’ and then realize that it is a matter of ‘making a decision’ and ‘picking a date’. Then enjoy your new vows towards each other in the comfort of your own home or at a lavish location you have picked, in an intimate setting or in front of friends and family that mean the most to you.

How does it work?

Once you have made contact with me, we will speak on the phone very briefly to break the ice. We then organize a meeting to talk about the day and what it entails. 


These details include;

Marriage Licence, my duties as a celebrant, and yours responsibilities as an ‘almost’ married couple, the order in which things happen on the day, vows, exchanging of the rings, music.


For the day, if you plan on holding a wedding with many people present, it is a good idea for you to organize/ hire a PA system for the ceremony (optional)


The meeting should be able to allow you to feel more comfortable about the process on the day and what it will bring.


I will keep in contact with you often to check the progress of the wedding and to offer any other support you may need.  Then I will be at the venue no later than 40 mins beforehand to become familiar with your guests and gauge the atmosphere. 


You will receive your Marriage Licence on the day and I will send the other away so that your marriage is legal and registered.


The process can be as long as you’d like, or as short as you would like.

You get to design the ceremony.

The most important thing about this whole process, is to have FUN.



One thing magic about emceeing, is the ability to carry a crowd and keep them entertained in the cause that they are here for, whether it be a wedding, sports day, keynote speaker, presentations, conferences or any type of event. I like to think that I can cover off things that are important to the cause - keeping people engaged and on topic. I specialize in keeping it laid back, funny and I can get the point across. If you would like to know more, or have an event you would like to discuss, then please do not hesitate to contact me.

Looking forward to being a part of your special event!



About Me

I am happily married to my soulmate of 15 years, and we have two beautiful girls.

Jewel is 12 and Honey is 9. 


Every vocation I have ever worked in has been surrounded by people. Connecting with people is something I like to do, and I truly enjoy it. I am a massive sports fan, especially of Rugby - dad, and League - husband. 

Starting out as an MC at events and having so much fun, I knew I wanted to take it further somehow, which lead me to becoming a Celebrant, which I LOVE! I want to be the person to highlight what you want to convey, particularly if you have trouble articulating it out publicly.


My husband and I, our love is based on respect, support, trust and honest communication. We have our ups and downs like anyone, but our love has always been something worth fighting for.




"When the time came to find a Emcee for my wedding, Tasha's name was the first person I thought of. She comes with huge energy and enthusiasm and is adaptable to the needs of the type of event she needs to Emcee."



"Everyone won't shut up about Tasha! Haha She is amazing and just who we needed. We laughed and smiled a lot!"





"Our day couldn't have been more perfect thanks to Tasha! No stress, all smiles and such an amazing vibe she brings to your special day."



"When we met, I had no idea what to expect and we were so nervous. After our meeting, we knew she was the one! My sister is now going to use her because she brings laughter to the day and that meant a lot to us. It was exactly what we needed."



"Tasha is such a crucial component of our event, she can work a crowd, like get you jumping out of your seats and then have you thinking about life goals... haha. She is valuable to any function. Just meet her and when you know, you know."



"Tasha has found her natural calling. She made our day such a positive, fun and chilled experience - that  we WILL never forget. We both highly recommend Tasha and will also use her for our next wedding(s)"

"Tasha listened to us, asked the right questions and made us laugh. Right then, we knew that she was going to be our celebrant. Highly recommend."



"We had Tasha as MC at our wedding. We both, actually WE ALL had a wonderful time and really enjoyed her fun and energetic vibe. Thanks Tasha!"




+ Dan

"Sometimes I cross paths with people and think - WOW I want that person to be in my life in some way or another. That was the case with Natasha as I watched her officiate a ceremony while I photographed it. Her energy, warmth, humour, how she held space was powerful, and I knew I had found the celebrant for our ceremony.⁣"


+ Ash

"I had to make an SOS 6 weeks out from our special day and as soon as I spoke to Natasha I knew she was the one!!  Her warm, kind and funny personality was an absolute hit with not only us, but our guests as well! She was exactly what we wanted."



"Our guests loved you and kept asking if I knew you. The first time we spoke on the phone, I knew that you were the perfect person to officiate our wedding. Even Jason said to me after our conversation - she's perfect!! Amazing, kind, caring and funny. The right fit for our backyard wedding."

Francisca +Omar

"Tasha asked us, 'what did we want', and then designed this beautiful ceremony around us. She even learnt Spanish and Arabic to incorporate this for our family that spoke no English. This really moved us. She became a chapter in our journey to the future. We are so grateful."



"Tasha has a unique style when emceeing, which she did for us on our Awards Evening for young woman YWCA. We were teary & we laughed a lot. She knew how to read our guests and she had to improvise on many changes on the night. Wow - we have no hesitation to have Tasha back again. She has a warm presence."


Lets Talk

Feel free to contact me via email or phone, alternatively, you can fill out the form below and I will be in touch within 24 hours.


Email:  hello@tashabowen.com

Phone:  021 211 6006

Location:  Auckland, New Zealand

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